Feb 2013 - AVMIN named Flight Centre Ltd’s preferred Charter Aircraft provider

We are delighted to announce that Flight Centre Limited has chosen AVMIN as its preferred charter aircraft provider.  The agreement will enable employees of Flight Centre and all its affiliated brands including Corporate Traveller, Travel Associates, FCM, CI Events, Stage and Screen and more to request charter aircraft through an on-line intranet booking system.  A range of safety approved aircraft including turbo props, VIP business jets, commercial airlines and large B747 passenger aircraft can now be easily booked on-line.

As Flight Centre’s brands continue to expand into different market segments, there has been a dramatic increase in aircraft charter requests by their clients.  It’s been identified that the FIFO mining sector, the corporate VIP business and conference and events markets are the areas requesting safe, efficient and cost effective aircraft charters.  AVMIN were appointed to ensure any aircraft provided to Flight Centre and its brands meet the highest safety standards allowing Flight Centre to offer its clients the safest and best value for money service possible.

Flight Centre’s corporate brands namely; FCM and Corporate Traveller will benefit the most from this news.  With these brands having the greatest market share as a TMC (Travel Management Company) for the Mining and Construction companies here in Australia, it’s imperative to ensure safety is the number one priority when flying staff to and from many remote locations throughout Australia.   Other brands such as Flight Centre’s conference arms in CI Events and its music and band business in Stage & Screen, will also benefit as they will be able to offer clients an alternative to seats on-board a commercial airline.

AVMIN are delighted to formalize an association with Flight Centre Limited and will continue to offer a wide range of safety approved charter aircraft to its staff and clients.  Whilst AVMIN already provide private jet charter flights to Flight Centre’s Global Gatherings each year and advise Flight Centre on the benefits and logistics of aircraft use, this agreement will allow us to streamline the process in a more efficient way through the internal on-line booking tool. Having this booking tool will now allow every Flight Centre employee around the world, easy access to aircraft almost immediately.